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Step 5. Contact OneLogin Support to Publish Your App

Once you have your test SCIM app and JSON user schema defined and tested, contact OneLogin at to refine and add your app to our OneLogin App Catalog.

We will work to turn your test app and schema into a SCIM-ready app in our catalog. This may include converting appropriate $user and custom fields into parameter directives to ensure that customers can easily map values from their user directory into your application.

Once published, your app will be available to customers via our App Catalog. When a OneLogin customer chooses to use your app, they can use easily provision users to your app using SCIM.

Best Practices

  • Select the Allow external assuming option for your account. This allows OneLogin’s support staff to assume a user in your account, which can be very useful when we work with you to troubleshoot any configuration issues that may arise. For more info, see Assuming Users.

  • More to come…

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