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Enterprise-Grade Single Sign-on for Cloud Apps

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Why Use SAML?

SAML is the gold standard for single sign-on for cloud apps. It eliminates all passwords and instead uses digital signatures to establish trust between the identity provider and the cloud app.

It's Fast

It's Secure

It's Standards-Based

It's Phishing-Proof

It's IT-Friendly

It's Easy to Implement

OneLogin Open Standards

  • We know how to drive open-standards

  • OneLogin open-source, standards-based toolkits adopted by 300+ ISVs

  • 600+ apps in our catalog SAML-enabled using our open-source toolkits

  • We are driving the SCIM standard for user provisioning

  • We co-authored the NAPPS standard

OneLogin Apps Built Using Our Open-Source Toolkits

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How Does SAML SSO Work?

SAML SSO enables a user to log in by transferring a user's identity from an identity provider (IdP) to cloud apps that trust the IdP. This is done through an exchange of digitally signed XML documents, as shown here:

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