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Early Preview

This API is in early preview and may be subject to change. Please contact your account manager if you are interested in trying the Branding API.

While the OneLogin admin interface offers a robust set of tools for customizing your organization’s brand in OneLogin, the Branding API allows you even more customization with advanced features like granular message templates for SMS and email notifications and even the ability to create multiple different brands within a single OneLogin tenant.

Branding API Reference

Base64 Image Converter

Account Brands

List Account Brands

Create Account Brand

Get Account Brand

Update Account Brand

Delete Account Brand

Get Apps Associated with Account Brand

Email Settings

Get Email Settings

Reset Email Settings Config

Update Email Settings Config

Message Templates

List Message Templates

Create Message Template

Get Message Template

Get Message Template by Type

Get Message Template by Type & Locale

Get Master Message Template by Type

Get Master Message Template by Type & Locale

Update Message Template

Update Message Template by Type & Locale

Delete Message Template


List Languages

Custom Messages

Lookup Custom Message

List Custom Messages

Update Custom Message

Delete Custom Message

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