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Get Rate Limit

Get current rate limit details about an access token.

There is an account level rate limit of 5,000 calls per hour regardless of how many access tokens you have. If an access token surpasses this limit, API calls will return an error. After the hour has passed, the count will be reset to a full 5,000 available calls.

Resource URL






Set to bearer:<access_token>.

The access token you provide must have been issued using an API credential pair generated using the scope required to call this API. This API can be called using any one of the following scopes: Read Users, Manage users, Read All, or Manage All.

Sample Response

    "status": {
        "error": false,
        "code": 200,
        "type": "success",
        "message": "Success"
    "data": {
        "X-RateLimit-Limit": 5000,
        "X-RateLimit-Remaining": 4988,
        "X-RateLimit-Reset": 832
    "status": {
        "error": true,
        "code": 400,
        "type": "bad request",
        "message": "Authorization Information is incorrect"
    "status": {
        "error": true,
        "code": 401,
        "type": "Unauthorized",
        "message": "Authentication Failure"

Typically, this error means that you are using the incorrect method. If you receive this error, ensure that you are making a GET.

    "status": {
        "error": true,
        "code": 404,
        "type": "not found",
        "message": "No Route Exists"

Response Elements


Displays the rate limit itself.


Displays the remaining calls available for the hour.


Displays the remaining time in seconds before the rate limit is reset to 5,000 for the next full hour.

Postman Collection

Replace sample variables indicated by {{ }} with your actual values.

Download for the OAuth 2.0 Tokens API

Run In Postman

Sample Code


Replace sample values indicated by < > with your actual values.

curl 'https://<subdomain>/auth/rate_limit' \
-X GET \
-H "Authorization: bearer:<access_token>"


See Work with OAuth 2.0 Tokens, Users, and Roles.

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