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v1-v3 APIs have been deprecated.

Although these APIs are not shut off yet, all new development with APIs should use the newest version of our API if available, and the version /1 in all other cases. These later versions are based on RESTful principles, secured by OAuth 2.0, and provide JSON messages, search, pagination, sorting, and filtering.

Get Custom Attributes

Gets all custom attributes (also known as custom user fields) that have been defined for the account.

For more info about defining custom user fields, see Custom User Fields.

Resource URL

Before calling this API, consider using its version /1 equivalent.

Sample Response

   <attribute type="string" label="Aliases" name="aliases" />

Response Elements

Element Description


type: Always returns string. Indicates that custom attributes accept string type values.

name: Name value used to access the custom attribute via API. For example, custom_attribute_.

label: Field label value displayed for the custom attribute in the user interface.

Sample cURL Request

Be sure to replace placeholder values surrounded by { } with actual values.

curl -X GET \
-u {api_key}:x

Postman Collection

Run In Postman

    Clicking Run in Postman button navigates to the page where you can fork the collection to your workspace. Forking the collection into your workspace will enable you to contribute to the source collection using pull requests. You can also view the collection in a public workspace if you like and even import a copy of the collection using the links present on the screen.

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