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Get Accounts

Gets all accounts under a reseller account. This API can be used by reseller accounts only.

For a description of each element in the Account resource, see Account Resource.

Resource URL

Sample Response

<accounts type="array">
    <address1 nil="true"></address1>
    <address2 nil="true"></address2>
    <city nil="true"></city>
    <homepage nil="true"></homepage>
    <name>Allen Bean Co.</name>
    <phone nil="true"></phone>
    <state nil="true"></state>
    <zip nil="true"></zip>
  <!-- clip -->
    <address1>111 Main Street</address1>
    <address2>Suite 222</address2>
    <name>Blythe Industries</name>

Sample cURL Request

Be sure to replace placeholder values surrounded by { } with actual values.

curl -u {api_key}:x -X GET

Postman Collection

Be sure to set Postman-specific environment variables indicated by {{ }}.

Download for the Accounts API

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