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Get Account by ID

Gets an account under a reseller account. This API can be used by reseller accounts only.

For a description of each element in the Account resource, see Account Resource.

Resource URL




Set to the account’s id with .xml appended. For example, 123456.xml. If you don’t know the account’s id, use the Get Accounts API call to return all accounts and their id values.

Sample Response

  <message>API key is invalid or missing</message>
  <title>No such account</title>
  <message>No account found by id 59</message>

Sample cURL Request

Be sure to replace placeholder values surrounded by { } with actual values.

curl -u {api_key}:x -X GET{account_id}.xml

Postman Collection

Be sure to set Postman-specific environment variables indicated by {{ }}.

Download for the Accounts API

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