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List Privileges

Use this API to list the Privileges created in an account.

Preview Release

This API is part of the OneLogin Delegated Administration Service and only available as a preview release. If you’re interested in using this API please contact your account manager or our support team.

Resource URL

GET https://api.<us_or_eu>

Header Parameters




Set to Bearer <access_token>.

Set <access_token> to the access token generated using the Generate Token API.

Generate the access token with the API credential pair created using the scope required to call this API. Call this API using the Manage All scope.

Sample Response

        "id": "2c963197-bee2-4607-abc0-4786f1bfa55a",
        "name": "User Administrator",
        "description": "Can administer users",
        "privilege": {
            "Version": "2018-05-18",
            "Statement": [
                    "Effect": "Allow",
                    "Action": [
                    "Scope": [

This error indicates an invalid access token.

    "statusCode": 401,
    "name": "UnauthorizedError",
    "message": "The request requires user authentication."

Sample Code


curl 'https://api.<us_or_eu>' \
-X GET \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>"

Postman Collection

Replace sample variables indicated by {{ }} with your actual values.

Download for the Privileges API

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