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Client SDKs

The fastest way to get up and running with the OneLogin API is to use one of our open source client SDKs. The SDKs will take care of authentication for you make it easy to call any of the API endpoints.

The source for each SDK along with installation instructions and sample code is available on Github.

Language Support

We officially support the following languages and are actively working to increase this list.

Swagger / OpenAPI Specification

OneLogin supports the Swagger / OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for documenting APIs.

You can use these specfication documents to generate clients for many different languages including c#, Go, Objective-C, Android, & Swift

  • Swagger 2.0 - The older version of the OAS spec but currently offers more code generation options.
  • OAS 3.0 - The latest version but limited code generation support.

Third Party Clients

Let us know if you have developed and maintain a client SDK for a language that we don’t have official support for yet. We’d love to list it here and may also contribute to it.

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