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Get Event Types

This call returns a list of all OneLogin event types available to the Events API, providing event type names, event type IDs, and descriptions.

Resource URL


Header Parameter



Set to application/json

Sample Response

"status": {
"error": false,
"code": 200,
"type": "success",
"message": "Success"
"data": [
"name": "APP_ADDED_TO_ROLE",
"description": "App %app% added to role %role%",
"id": 1
"description": "App %app% removed from role %role%",
"id": 2
"description": "%actor_user% assumed %user%",
"id": 3
"description": "Assigned %role% to user %user%",
"id": 4
"description": "%user% logged into OneLogin",
"id": 5

Postman Collection

Be sure to set Postman-specific environment variables indicated by {{ }}.

Download for the Events API

Sample Code


Replace sample values indicated by < > with your actual values.

curl 'https://<api-domain>/api/1/events/types' \
-X GET \
-H "Content-type: application/json"

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