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Introducing OneLogin Developer Experience

blake.ramsdell | January 26th, 2021

Have you ever been required to use a tool or piece of software for something but the user experience was somewhat lacking or just plain unusable? Sure, the software addresses the business problem and comes at a reasonable price for the purchaser, but what are the hidden costs associated with such a bad user experience? Poor user experience meant doing tasks with the software took precious hours that could otherwise be spent elsewhere. Not to mention, it burns out your staff and will push some over the edge.

This line of thinking is no different when it comes to selecting which technologies to integrate your platform with. Developers are Users, and although the medium is different; a bad experience is a bad experience and causes a lot of cascading problems if user experience is not considered.

At OneLogin, our motto is “It’s That Simple” and we think it doesn’t end at the UX. Easy to use extends beyond the browser, to the developers who use our products, not because they have to but because they want to. Here’s some of the ways we look at simplifying the developer experience and why it’s critical to your business to consider Developer Experience as you would User Experience.

OneLogin For Developers By Developers

Our promise to you is to not simply throw code over a wall and wish you the best. Rather we’re here to partner with you, developer-to-developer, to ensure you know you’re building the right software with the best tools for the job.

For us, a proper developer experience is more than just good documentation. It’s forgiving APIs, helpful error messages, sensible SDKs and naming conventions, and a responsive and helpful community of security-first developers. Simply put, it’s excellence in everything we do to help you get your job done faster and safer.

We’ve seen our share of developer products with insanely high learning curves or unpleasant partnership experiences and we’re here to raise the bar for developers everywhere. This is our stance, OneLogin by developers for developers.

For Want of a Nail: Why DX is as Important as UX

It’s easy to de-prioritize the end-user experience when making a purchasing decision given all the other factors that weigh into the choice you must make. If you’re considering a CIAM integration or an effective way to manage identity and access, it is absolutely critical to consider how your technical staff or dev team will work with your selection.

As the saying goes, “For want of a nail…” The same applies to choosing a product that has a lackluster developer experience. If your developers are spending precious time pouring over murky documentation, deciphering strange error messages or can’t use an SDK in their choice language, it affects sprint estimates, delivery timelines, and ultimately your pending deals and revenue. Our developer experience aims to be non-intrusive so your developers can spend more of their time developing business critical applications that maximize your company’s value.

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Blake is responsible for OneLogin’s engineering organization in the area of Developer Experience. A senior leader with 25+ years experience building technology companies and products, Blake’s focus is on APIs, developer tools, technical partnerships, and all of the things to support OneLogin technologies “beyond the browser”. In addition to founding several successful startups, Blake previously held senior leadership positions at Worldtalk Communications, Sendmail Inc, and Lenovo.