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Go beyond the login with OneLogin's new Developer SDKs

richard.chetwynd | October 5th, 2017

At OneLogin we have a rich history of great support for SAML connectors of all shapes, sizes and languages. Back in 2010, we released our first SAML developer toolkit, and we’ve continued to refine it ever since on our public GitHub repo. These SAML connectors, and the SAML tutorials on, have enabled thousands of developers to connect their apps and make it super easy for users to access applications via Single Sign On.

The natural evolution of our customers is to next start thinking about user management, role assignment, password resets, multi factor authentication, and adaptive authentication. This is where developers will find the OneLogin admin and user management APIs invaluable.

Our admin APIs are RESTful and provide a programmatic way to achieve most of the key tasks related to user management. They’re not quite a perfect mirror in terms of functionality with what you can do in the admin portal yet but we’re steadily working towards that goal.

Today, we’re excited to announce 4 new flavors of API client libraries which will make it faster and easier to integrate with other systems or complete tasks in bulk.

The libraries are all open sourced and mirror functionality with our current APIs. We also plan on releasing official libraries in other popular languages and are committed to continuously updating with new features and functionality.

Moving forward you can expect to see an increase in developer-related blog content from us as we hope to showcase the power of our APIs and how you can use them to quickly achieve tasks in your language of choice.

OneLogin blog author

Rich Chetwynd founded Litmos, the market-leading learning technology company, as well as ThisData, a data security company leading the way in Account Takeover (ATO) attack detection. After ThisData was acquired by OneLogin in Summer 2017, Rich began working with the OneLogin engineering team with a focus on adaptive authentication.