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Developing with WAM

OneLogin Web Access Management (WAM) APIs enable you to extend the capabilities of authentication, access control, session management, and other services. They also enable you to integrate these processes into business applications.

Web App Programming

Use programmatic security to enable fine-grained access control within your web applications based on user identities, roles, account information, login locations, login times, and more.

WAM JAAS Login Modules

Create new JAAS login modules for custom user repositories.

If WAM doesn’t already provide a login module suitable for your enterprise, you can write your own.

WAM Access Control Rules API

Create new access control rules to protect resources with WAM.

You can implement access control rules based on date, time, business rules, user profile information, database values, and more. This enables you to centralize, secure, and reuse access control rules for all of your enterprise applications.

WAM Session API Customize the attributes of user sessions when they are created, closed, or expired. (A user session is always created upon successful authentication).
WAM Services API Create and deploy WAM Services, which enable reuse of resources like database connections, cached business rule information, and more from components you’ve created for other WAM APIs.

Implement custom WAM agents that communicate with a WAM policy server to authenticate users, check access control permissions, retrieve session attributes and control WAM sessions.

In addition, the WAM Agents API works in conjunction with the WAM Permissions API enabling you to extend WAM to support new/custom resource types.

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