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The Mobile Challenge

  • The average enterprise has more than 500 cloud apps in use. However, fewer than 15% are enterprise-ready. Nearly half of all cloud app activities occur on mobile devices, yet most mobile apps don't support SSO.

  • Without mobile SSO users are foced to remember complex passwords and type them on tiny mobile device keyboards. This inevitably leads to forgotten passwords, locked accounts, and app abandonment.

  • With mobile SSO via SAML, the user faces a poor authentication user experience, being required to authenticate twice.

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The Solution : NAPPS

NAPPS is an OpenID standard for producing SSO for native apps on mobile devices.

Enterprise - Grade SSO

  • Working with a NAPPS-capable Identity Provider, NAPPS enables federation across multiple apps.

  • Users can easily validate sessions, ensuring a more secure app experience.

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Simple, Seamless UX

  • Users log in to the OneLogin Mobile Launcher and are granted federated access to all of their apps.

  • No proliferation of forgotten app passwords

  • No clunky and inconsistent login sequences

  • No more (mis-)typing complex passwords on tiny mobile keyboards


Easy to Implement

  • Use our Napps Toolkit for Android or iOS to implement NAPPS with just a few lines of code

  • Leave the SSO heavy lifting to our NAPPS SDK and spend more time on your app's core functionality

{ [OneLogin SDK] verifyTokenAgentIsInstalledWithBlock:^(BOOL isInstalled) { if (isInstalled) { self.state = SignalStateTokenAgentFound; }else{ self.state = SignalStateTokenAgentFound; } }];

OneLogin Open Standards

  • We know how to drive open-standards

  • OneLogin open-source, standards-based toolkits adopted by 300+ ISVs

  • 600+ apps in our catalog SAML-enabled using our open-source toolkits

  • We are driving the SCIM standard for user provisioning

  • We co-authored the NAPPS standard

OneLogin Apps Built Using Our Open-Source Toolkits

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Ready To Implement NAPPS?

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