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Overview of the WAM Session API

The WAM Session API enables you to control the sessions created when users are authenticated and customize their attributes for use by WAM-based components, agents, web pages, and so forth. Some practical uses of this API include:

  • Sending an e-mail or text message to an administrator based on the user/role of an authenticated user.

  • Setting user-specific session attributes queried from a database for use in customized web pages.

This API contains three main interfaces that may be of interest to WAM programmers:

  • Session
  • ManagedSession
  • ManagedSessionEventHandler

Each WAM security domain has a session manager service, which creates and manages ManagedSession instances as users are authenticated. During its lifespan, a ManagedSession may have attributes added, updated, and removed.

It may also expire due to inactivity or close when the user logs out. WAM ManagedSessionEventHandlers can be registered with a security domain’s session manager service. They are notified whenever a ManagedSession is created, expired, or closed.

Figure 1 shows the relationship of high-level WAM components to WAM ManagedSessions and ManagedSessionEventHandlers.

Figure 1 - Relationship of ManagedSession and ManagedSessionEventHandler to security domain components

WAM managed session event handlers are registered within the session-manager-service element of security-domain.xml. When the enclosing security domain is loaded, each session event handler registered with a session manager service is loaded. A session event handler is configured via its initialize method and is given a Config Object, which provides access to the following:

  • Configuration parameters as name/value pairs.

  • A ServiceFinder for finding and using WAM services.

  • The Logger for the enclosing security domain.

Session event handlers must implement the WAM managed session event handler interface defined by class com.cafesoft.cams.session.ManagedSessionEventHandler.

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