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WAM Services API Classes

This section provides information about the important classes and interfaces in the WAM Service API. You can also reference the WAM javadoc on com.cafesoft.core.service.

Figure 2 summarizes the relationships of various WAM Service API classes.

Figure 2 - WAM Service API class relationships

com.cafesoft.core.service.Service and com.cafesoft.core.service.LifecycleService

The com.cafesoft.core.service.Service interface must be implemented either directly or indirectly by any class that is to be registered as a WAM service.

If your service would benefit by being started and stopped when the WAM Policy Server and its security domains are started and stopped, then it can implement interface com.cafesoft.core.service.LifecycleService, which includes start() and stop() methods.

com.cafesoft.core.service.AbstractService and com.cafesoft.core.service.AbstractLifecycleService

These classes provide default implementations for very basic Service and LifecycleService methods.

You’ll write less code in your service implementations if you just extend one of these classes.

com.cafesoft.core.service.ServiceConfig, com.cafesoft.core.service.ServiceContext, and com.cafesoft.core.service.ServiceFinder

When a Service implementation is initialized, it is given a class that implements com.cafesoft.core.service.ServiceConfig. Your Service implementation can configure itself with parameters provided through this interface.

ServiceConfig also provides access to an implementation of com.cafesoft.core.service.ServiceContext. This class provides access to a ServiceFinder, which enables your services to look up and use other registered services.


ServiceContext also provides access to the Logger used by the enclosing security domain. Your service can use this Logger to report DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL messages that get logged to the security domain’s trace logger.

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